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Shopping on the internet can be both very easy and/or very frustrating. As someone who likes to use this vehicle for personal shopping, I can attest to that statement. I have endeavored to make this site as "user friendly" as possible, but it still can be a bit challenging for the first time user. Our goal, or "Mission Statement" if you will, is to provide you with the convenience of on-line shopping plus the personal touch and high level of attention that only a good specialty store can provide. So never hesitate to call if you have any questions.

Kent Tager

I am having trouble putting items into the shopping cart: What is wrong?

This site is designed to require each drop down menu to be used before an item can be added to the cart. So a selection must be made in each drop down starting with the first one, and it usually requires about 2 seconds before the next drop down will work. It is a cascading design and ensures that all variations on a product are correct with regard to size, color, model, etc.

Is this a secure web site?

Ensuring your privacy and security is an important part of our commitment to you. When ordering products from Thehubltd.com, you can feel assured that your confidential data will not be exposed over the internet. Our secure server encrypts all customer data at Check Out over a secure connection. Technically, this is referred to as a Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) Connection. Thehubltd.com has purchased a security certificate from GeoTrust to allow such secure connections between your browser and our secure server. When inputting personal or credit card information on any web site, look for the padlock in the browser window. In addition, the address of the page should change from http: to https: These are two ways to tell if it is safe to input confidential information.

Do I need to register my account?

TheHubLTD.com requires you to register an account in order to check out items in your shopping bag. Your account information on file will be used to facilitate the check-out process when ordering items from our website. We are committed to privacy regarding our web site. We will not share your information with any other businesses or agencies.

Will the web site save items in my shopping cart if I log off before purchasing?

Any items added to your shopping bag will be preserved across shopping sessions, once you have logged on to your account. Manually removing items or successfully checking out (buying) items will result in those items being deleted from your shopping bag.

As a returning customer, do I have to log on to check out?

The HubLTD.com requires you to be logged on to your account prior to checking out item in your shopping bag. If you attempt to checkout without being logged on, you will be automatically redirected to a secure login page.

What is AVS Address Verification and why is it important?

TheHubLTD.com uses AVS verification when authorizing credit card charges. This means that the billing address you submit must match the billing address on file with your credit card company. By default, your AVS information is set equal to your account information on file . If this information does not match your billing address information on file, you will need to edit this information below before submitting your order for credit card processing. An incorrect billing address could cause the sale to be declined.

What is the CVV2 Credit Card Security Code?

CVV2 (also known as CVC2 or CID) is a three or four digit value that is uniquely derived for each credit card account.

On Visa and MasterCard cards, it is a three digit value printed in reverse italic characters on the signature panel following the last 4 digits of the account number.

On American Express cards, it is a four digit value printed on the front of the card, usually on the right side.

In a "card-not-present" environment such as the Internet, CVV2 lets a merchant verify that the cardholder does in fact have the card in his or her possession. An incorrect or missing code will cause the transaction to be declined.

Do I have to pay state taxes?

Only if you reside in North Carolina. Residents of all other states are not required to pay taxes on their purchases.

Why was my transaction rejected?

A transaction may be rejected because of an invalid credit card number, invalid or expired expiration date, invalid or suspended credit card account, AVS rejection (see above), or an invalid or missing CVV2 code (see above).

Does the Hub Ltd. offer newsletters?

When your account is registered your name is added to the newsletter mailing list. You will occasionally receive emails from us regarding new products and specials, but your name will not be shared with anyone else. If you do not wish to receive newsletters from us, please select unsubscribe when you receive the first newsletter. You will not receive any further newsletters.

How can I track my packages?

In order to save time and get the items to you as quickly as possible, we often have the manufacturer drop ship the items directly. Therefore we do not provide tracking numbers unless requested. If you would like the tracking info for UPS or FedEx, please call or write us and we will be happy to provide that information.

What is the Refine Feature?

On every main product page notice the refine selection options at the top of the page. This is an advanced search where you can immediately narrow down what you are looking for. The refine options can vary depending on what department you are in. Once you have selected the variables desired, you must select the refine button at the right of the page. You may refine by brand only or by the other parameters.